An artistically restored vintner's house from 1747 offers the Festival offices an atmospheric home. The vineyards belonging to the winery are tended by The Balthasar Ress Winemakers from Hattenheim; allowing for an especially attractive offer for friends of music who also enjoy a glass of wine: The “Festival-Riesling des Rheingau Musik Festivals” (Festival Riesling)- a classic Riesling, as extraordinary as the Festival itself.

You can purchase single bottles from various vintages, you can lease your own personal vine or you can give gifts of giftwrapped combinations.

Wine Gifts

6 Bottles of Festival Riesling or Trio Gift Box

Festival Riesling 2012

The wine of the Rheingau Music Festival- a classic Riesling, as extraordinary as the Festival itself: an off-dry character with alluring elegance and harmony. The small winery belonging to the Festival lends the Riesling a unique exclusivity. Would you like to give the Rheingau Music Festival as a present? We have carefully prepared various offers: 6 bottles of Festival Riesling from one vintage or the Trio Gift Box.

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Gift Boxes

3 Bottles of Festival Riesling with a Festival CD of your choice

The following Festival CDs can be combined with the Festival Riesling in a Gift Box:

  • CD »RMF 2009 – Ein Sommer voller Musik«
  • Doppel-CD »Mahler – Symphonie Nr. 2«
  • DVD »Mahler – Symphonie Nr. 3« (can be played as a CD as well)
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You can order the Festival CDs and also our Illustrated Book or a Gift Voucher for Festival Tickets individually in our Festival-Shop.

Vine Leasing

Festival-Riesling 2013 mit Weinstock

Here we have an especially attractive offer for all music lovers who also enjoy a glass of wine. Support the idea of the Rheingau Music Festival and lease your own personal vine. You’ll receive a certificate and every year, in late summer, the yield from your vine: six bottles of our Festival-Riesling. Incidentally, vine leasing also makes for an excellent gift.

Leasing one vine only costs €60 per year including free delivery within Germany. Payment is effected exclusively via Direct Debit Mandate. Withdrawals are always made after the wine is shipped.

There is a minimum-leasing contract of three years after which the contract is prolonged respectively one year unless a written termination of the contract is received before the end of the year.

An order form is available for download in the navigation bar on the right. For any information, please contact Julia Waibel in our Festival office, waibel@rheingau-musik-festival.de.

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