Concert Spring Ingelheim

The concert spring Ingelheim will start its second year in 2019. He will launch the upcoming festival summer of the Rheingau Musik Festival and will bring a varied program to the new kING Culture and Congress Hall in Ingelheim in the spring of 2019. With this series we want to extend the cultural offer of the region for young and old sustainably. Concert Spring Ingelheim begins on March 16 with the family concert "Peter and the Wolf" with KiKA presenter Malte Arkona and the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt. On 21st March, the exceptional pianist and composer Fazıl Say and the casalQuartett meet with passionate chamber music by Haydn, Beethoven, Schumann and Say on the kING stage. The actor Günther Maria Halmer and the Klenze String Quartet will focus on the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on April 6 in a musical-literary program. Finally, on April 7, Quadro Nuevo will be offering a fascinating ride through the boundless world of tango with their "Flying Carpet" program.

This year, Rheinhessen's Energie- und Wasserversorgungs GmbH, J. Molitor Immobilien GmbH and Mainzer Volksbank eG are involved as sponsors of Ingelheim's concert spring.


Sergei Prokofjew: „Peter and the Wolf“

© Ruths Urban

16.3. Saturday, 17.00, kING Culture and Congress Hall Ingelheim

A musical fairytale for young and old
"Early in the morning, Peter opened the garden door and stepped out into the big green field." Generations of young music listeners grew up with this phrase and know exactly what happens next: Peter meets the huge gray wolf! But the brave little guy is not scared. Together with the lively twittering and equally fearless bird, he embarks on the daring adventure of taming the wolf. In 1936, Sergei Prokofiev wrote his famous musical fairy tale, which since then has enchanted Klein und Groß not only with an exciting story, but also with the illustrative power of the notes and incidentally presented the different characters of the orchestral instruments. In the role of the narrator, Malte Arkona, KiKA presenter with a big heart for classical music slips, and brings the courageous Peter, the deceitful cat, the pitiable duck, the worried grandfather, the nimble bird and the bad wolf alive.


Fazıl Say, piano | casalQuartett

© Marco Borggreve

21.3. Thursday, 8.00 pm, kING Culture and Congress Hall Ingelheim

Chamber musically passions
"Early on the compromise? Fazıl Say does not know. He is one who is interested in friction, stands up for his convictions and, if need be, also provokes. As a pianist and composer, he is one of the most exciting artists in the classical music scene. And this for a quarter of a century. Hardly any other performer becomes so one with a work, so indulges in the music unconditionally and treads so passionately even the unconventional ways as Say. His music lives completely out of the moment when he is sitting at the piano. This refreshes the view of the classical and romantic masterpieces that Say likes to put on his programs just like his own compositions. In it the musical worlds of tradition and present, classical and jazz, orient and occident meet regularly. Contrasts exist only for Fazıl Say, where they can find a productive coexistence.

Musikalisch-literarischer Abend

Günther Maria Halmer: "Mensch Mozart"

© Sammy Hart

6.4. Saturday, 19.00 clock, kING culture and congress hall Ingelheim

Quite familiar with Mozart
Mozart, a normal person? Sure, of course! Apart from the fact that he has written almost superhuman music, is a central star in the history of music and his works are simply classics that touch everyone and everyone, Mozart was also quite normal. He lived like you and me - and that's a pleasure. He had worries and hardships of a very human nature. He loved and suffered. Like everyone else! Only that he was a genius at the same time. Together with the Klenze Quartet, Günther Maria Halmer - film and theater star at the latest since "Tscharlie" in Helmut Dietl's "Münchner G'schichten" - is targeting Mozart. In his innumerable letters Halmer has rummaged through and collected a picture of Mozart, which allows the easy-going Filou to speak as well as the highly-concentrated master. Quite relaxed and guaranteed without gloves, Halmer takes up Mozart's often too human thoughts - about God, the world and his indescribably wonderful art.


Quadro Nuevo: "Flying Carpet“

7.4. Sunday, 19.00, kING culture and congress hall Ingelheim

Flight over orient and occident
Anyone who thinks of Argentina only when it comes to Tango is definitely wrong. For more than 20 years, this most passionate of all dances has a European name: Quadro Nuevo. Four virtuoso musicians, who combine the curiosity about the magnetic moment of music, then joined forces to redefine the tango. Now, when they are touring tango with the "Flying Carpet", it is not the first time that they are crossing cultural boundaries and exploring similarities. Where is written that Tango is a pronounced South American matter? With Quadro Nuevo it goes in the very different direction - with destination Orient. Across the old Europe, it drives the sounds, over the wild Balkans and Mediterranean sparkling island worlds, on Caucasian peaks and into the fascinating landscapes of 1001 Nights. You can not go, it's not in the boundless world of Quadro Nuevo tango!

kING Kultur- und Kongresshalle Ingelheim

© Rainer Oppenheimer

The red wine town of Ingelheim in the western Rhine-Main region is located in the immediate vicinity of the provincial capitals Mainz and Wiesbaden. In the middle of the city center there is the kING Culture and Congress Hall with an extraordinary architecture: plenty of light penetrates the building during the day, while in the evening the light falls from the building onto the Neuer Markt. The west edge of the hall moves closer to the Gartenfeldstraße, which gives a better view of the city hall, at the same time the hall looks like a "beacon" for arriving guests. With its orientation to the square, the kING looks like a large airy city loggia for the visitors. The swing parquet installed in the hall ensures optimal viewing and listening conditions. The outstanding acoustics form another salient feature. The Rheingau Musik Festival was already represented in the new hall with a "Harry Potter" family concert shortly after the opening in the festival summer of 2017 and presented two successful performances of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" in the version of the Salzburg Marionette Theater in 2018. In the spring of each year, the Ingelheim concert spring, which opened in 2018, will be held with a variety of concert projects in kING.

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