Concert Spring Ingelheim

The Concert Spring Ingelheim starts its third year in 2020. In the spring of 2020, it will bring a varied and varied programme to the kING Culture and Convention Hall with its extraordinary architecture and outstanding acoustics.

The "classical band" Spark combines Mozart and ABBA in their concert, lets Ravel dance and indulges in Latin American rhythms. The Julia Fischer Quartet brings chamber music by Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms to the stage in top-class interpretation. The actor Hans Sigl and the pianist Helmut Deutsch focus on romantic melodramas by important composers in their musical-literary program. In the family concert "Bach macht Ah!" by Shary Reeves and Ralph Caspers, the well-known presenters of the programme "Wissen macht Ah!", as well as the David Gazarov Trio, everything revolves around Johann Sebastian Bach.

This year, J. Molitor Immobilien GmbH and IKUM - Ingelheimer Kultur und Marketing GmbH are sponsoring the Ingelheim Spring Concert.

Spark - The classic band

Spark © Gregor Hohenberg
Spark © Gregor Hohenberg

24.4. Friday, 8.00 pm, kING culture and congress hall Ingelheim

On the Dancefloor - Search for the musical thrill
A band with recorders, viola, cello and piano? Where has there been such a band before? Spark has that. Because Spark is different. "Classical Band" is the name of the ensemble that is always on the lookout for the musical thrill. Somewhere between the musical chairs of the world they have found their place and made themselves anything but comfortable there. Their sound moves between classical, minimal music, electro and avant-garde. "On the Dancefloor" is the name of Spark's current programme and celebrates movement, suffering and joie de vivre. Because where the mood is relaxed, dance is part of it. And so the musicians of Spark whirl their audience through the hundreds of years, enter the baroque parquet or the chamber techno disco. They invite Mozart to wild dance as well as ABBA, let Ravel dance and indulge in Latin American rhythms. Let's dance with the Dancing Queens of Spark!

Julia Fischer Quartett

Julia Fischer Quartett © Irene Zandel
Julia Fischer Quartett © Irene Zandel

14.5. Thursday, 8.00 pm, kING culture and congress hall Ingelheim

Excellent String Quartet Art
When strong personalities meet on the concert stage, the outstanding artistic moments are not long in coming. The Julia Fischer Quartet is made up of four musicians who are among the leading soloists in their respective fields. They only meet on the chamber music podium for hand-picked projects - and enjoy this interplay all the more. You can feel right away how much all four of them appreciate each other. "He is moved by a passion to make music that is so rare," says Julia Fischer about Alexander Sitkovetsky. She reports on her first encounter with Nils Mönkemeyer: "It was a affinity of souls, both personal and human. And to Benjamin Nyffenegger she emphasizes: "His spontaneity on stage was frightening in the most positive sense." In the quartet's program in Ingelheim, Beethoven is the starting point who, with his eccentric Fugue op. 133, has opened the gates to the future for miles.

Musical-literary evening

Hans Sigl, recitation | Helmut Deutsch, piano

Hans Sigl und Helmut Deutsch © Susanne Sigl
Hans Sigl und Helmut Deutsch © Susanne Sigl

25.7. Saturday, 7.00 pm, kING Culture and Congress Hall Ingelheim

Symbiosis of spoken word and music
Actors are jealous of musicians, says Hans Sigl. Music has played an important role in his life since his youth. And Sigl is convinced: "Singers have the opportunity to have a completely different effect on people, to touch them, as actors". An understatement! Sigl himself proves that the spoken word can be trusted much more than he allows it to be. Melodrama gives him the best opportunity to do so. Together with the sought-after song accompanist Helmut Deutsch, he advocates this special form of poetry interpretation with works by some of the most important Romantic composers: "Although it takes place in these romantic worlds, it deals with many great and sometimes also hard themes of being human," Sigl knows and is convinced: "This longing is getting bigger and bigger especially in our hectic times and fires the imagination".

Family concert

„Bach macht Ah!“

Ralph Caspers und Shary Reeves © WDR/Nola Bunke
Ralph Caspers und Shary Reeves © WDR/Nola Bunke

6.9. Sunday, 16.00, kING Culture and Congress Hall Ingelheim

On a journey of discovery with Bach
Do you know Johann Sebastian Bach? Of course you know him, because he is one of the most famous composers in the world. Everyone has heard his music before: in concert, in church or sometimes even in television commercials. But do you also know who this Johann Sebastian actually was? Where he was born? What did his childhood look like? How did he live? Shary and Ralph know their way around Bach. But not only that: they also know how to explain things until the penny falls and makes it "Ah! In their programme "Wissen macht Ah!" they regularly follow the great and small secrets of the world. When they do this live and in colour on the Ingelheim concert stage, everything revolves around Bach, his life and the question: "Why is his music still so famous even after 300 years? Shary and Ralph have plenty of musical answers!

kING Kultur- und Kongresshalle Ingelheim

© Rainer Oppenheimer

The red wine town of Ingelheim in the western Rhine-Main region is quiet yet centrally located in the immediate vicinity of the state capitals of Mainz and Wiesbaden. In the middle of the city centre, the kING Culture and Congress Hall presents itself with an unusual architecture: a lot of light enters the building during the day, while in the evening the light from the building falls on the Neuer Markt. The western edge of the hall moves closer to Gartenfeldstraße, which provides a better view of the town hall, while at the same time acting as a "lighthouse" for arriving guests. With its orientation towards the square, the kING looks like a large, airy city loggia to visitors. The swivel parquet flooring installed in the hall ensures optimum visibility and listening conditions. The outstanding acoustics are another outstanding feature. The Rheingau Music Festival was represented with a "Harry Potter" family concert in the new hall shortly after its opening in the summer of 2017 and has presented outstanding performances there in recent years. Every spring since 2018, the Concert Spring Ingelheim has been held in the kING at findet with a variety of concert projects. The focus is on top-class chamber music concerts, musical-literary evenings with prominent actors and entertaining family concerts.

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