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Season 2019

Rheingau Musik Festival from June 22 to August 31 2019

© Hannah Meinhardt

The Rheingau Musik Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Europe and organizes more than 170 concerts in the entire region from Frankfurt via Wiesbaden to the Middle Rhine Valley every year. Unique cultural monuments such as Kloster Eberbach, Schloss Johannisberg, Schloss Vollrads and the Kurhaus Wiesbaden as well as cozy wineries are transformed into concert stages for stars of the international music scene, from classical to jazz, cabaret and world music. The guiding idea of ​​the Rheingau Music Festival 2019 is "Courage". As Artist in Residence Daniil Trifonov shows his skills at the Rheingau Music Festival in six events with music from Beethoven to Arvo Pärt. The soprano Christiane Karg will perform as a focus artist in eight events with music from Mozart to Smith. As a focus jazz artist Curtis Stigers presented in the Rheingau Music Festival in four events all his musical sophistication u. a. with Till Brönner, Larry Goldings and the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester. The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen is our first Orchestra in Residence and will be heard in four concerts with music from Bach to Tchaikovsky on the podium. In addition, this year's focus will be on the topics "Next Generation" and "Jazz & more".

Artist in Residence - Focus - Focus Jazz

Artist in Residence: Daniil Trifonov

Daniil Trifonov © Dario Acosta/DG
Daniil Trifonov © Dario Acosta für DG

One can hardly avoid Daniil Trifonov's magic: that the pianistic means of the 27-year-old are almost limitless - is unmistakable. Much more than technical perfection repeatedly surprises its intense expressiveness and the ability to reinterpret music. Colleagues and critics alike revel in praise, and his spectacular performances regularly astonish the audience. Trifonov, born in Russia, educated in Moscow and Cleveland, lives in New York, plays in the largest concert halls in the world and is one of the most exciting pianists of the present day. In 2016, Gramophone magazine awarded him "Artist of the Year", and in 2018 he won his first Grammy Award. As Artist in Residence Daniil Trifonov is a central face of the Rheingau Festival Summer 2019.

Daniil Trifonov shows his talents at the Rheingau Music Festival in six events with music from Ludwig van Beethoven to Arvo Pärt.

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Focus: Christiane Karg

Christiane Karg © Klaus Weddig
Christiane Karg © Klaus Weddig

Christiane Karg is one of the most sought-after lyrical sopranos of the present, highly praised for her interpretations on the opera stage and as a lied, concert and oratorio singer. It shines all over the world. In 2016 she made her debut at La Scala Milan, in the 2017/18 season followed by the Metropolitan Opera. At the Rheingau Music Festival she was an early chorister and in 2012 for the first time with a song recital on the podium. Mozart is the basis that will accompany her throughout her life. She sees herself as a versatile artist with clear ideas, who is incredibly happy to draw on the musical wealth that makes her curious, energetic and always enthusiastic about new ideas. As a focus artist, Christiane Karg influences the festival summer 2019.

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Christiane Karg in the video about her residency at the Rheingau Musik Festival

Focus Jazz: Curtis Stigers

Curtis Stigers © Marina Chavez

Curtis Stigers, born 1965 in Boise - in snow-sure Idaho in the northeast of the USA - was infected by music at an early age. At the age of eight, he buys his first album - Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". At the same time, he constantly calls the local radio station to comment on music, while at the same time getting to know and appreciate all kinds of music: "I loved the record shops and the radio. At that time you could hear in Popsendungen everything from Aretha Franklin and Al Green to Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin to Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. At that time there was not yet this strict format radio. "As a focus jazz artist Curtis Stigers is a central face of the Rheingau Music Festival 2019.

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Orchestra in Residence: The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen © Julia Baier
Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen © Julia Baier

The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen is a unique phenomenon in the cultural landscape: It fills the concert halls worldwide, thrills the audience with its rousing musical style, organizes itself democratically and finances itself. In 1980 the orchestra was founded by music students; today it is a figurehead: for classical music, for the city of Bremen - but also in terms of entrepreneurship and social commitment. With their seminal projects on the symphonies of Beethoven, Schumann and Brahms, Paavo Järvi and Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen have written interpretation history. In 2016, the ensemble was honored by Deutschlandfunk Kultur as "Orchestra of the Year".

The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen is the first Orchestra in Residence to showcase its entire talent in four concerts with music from Bach to Tchaikovsky.

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Thematic Keynotes


Our guiding idea for 2019 is Courage. In this way, we focus on a socially, socially and politically central theme of our time, which can be described in terms of courage, commitment, tolerance and humanity. The Rheingau Music Festival invites you to special concerts with artists and ensembles that reflect our guiding principles illuminate a very different way. They look beyond the musical horizon and thus contribute to a lively discussion. Our focus is on the former Soviet Union (Dmitri Shostakovich in the Stalin era) and Berlin (30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall), but above all on socially and politically engaged musicians and intercultural orchestral projects from all over the world.The Rheingau Music Festival 2019 should be a place where we celebrate "Courage" as responsible coexistence. A meeting place of cultures, a platform for music from all corners of the world, a meeting place for the curious, a place for a collective concert experience, a gathering of friends.

The concerts of the topic "Courage" can be found under this link.

Next Generation

Noa Wildschut © Marco Borggreve
Noa Wildschut © Marco Borggreve

The Rheingau Musik Festival brings the largest international artists to the region, but at the same time sees its task as taking over responsibility for young musical talent. With established concert formats such as "Classical Marathon" and "Young Master Pianists of the Russian School", aspiring talents who are still at the beginning of their career receive a podium and are supported in their musical development. Particularly outstanding young artists and ensembles will have the opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience in the series "Next Generation". In addition, large youth orchestras regularly appear at the Rheingau Music Festival and inspire with freshness and passion. We accompany the greatest musical talents on their way to mature artists and regularly invite them to the festival. The stage becomes larger with each concert, the accompaniment becomes more space-filling, the performances are more profiled, the repertoire more courageous. Every year, an artist of the "Next Generation" is awarded the coveted LOTTO sponsorship prize of the Rheingau Musik Festival, which is donated by LOTTO Hessen and endowed with 15,000 euros.

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Jazz & more

Omar Sosa © Michela del Forno

Under our focus "Jazz & more", we assemble projects that spring from jazz in many different ways, continue to transcend the most diverse styles and varieties, and absorb the diverse influences of foreign countries and cultures. These concerts in particular show what universal language jazz is, a language that can be felt by anyone, that has special experiences and that, above all, makes one thing: connect. Our unique venues also contribute to musical enjoyment. The open-air stages in the Rheingau are among the most beautiful of the festival, because here the summer can be experienced most intensely with music. The Wiesbadener Kurpark, the Cuvéehof of Schloss Johannisberg and the lakeside stage of Schloss Vollrads form atmospheric backdrops for unique concert experiences. But our indoor venues such as the Alte Lokhalle in Mainz and the slaughterhouse in Wiesbaden shine with fresh and unused charm between former industrial and modern.

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