KI 2

Concert Spring Ingelheim

Family Concert: "Bach macht Ah!"

This event is in the past

Ralph Caspers und Shary Reeves © WDR/Nola Bunke


Shary Reeves and Ralph Caspers moderation
David Gazarov Trio:
David Gazarov
Mini Schulz bass
Meinhard „Obi“ Jenne drums


On a journey of discovery with Bach

Do you know Johann Sebastian Bach? Of course you know him, because he is one of the most famous composers in the world. Everyone has heard his music before: in concert, in church or sometimes even in television commercials. But do you also know who this Johann Sebastian actually was? Where he was born? What did his childhood look like? How did he live? Shary and Ralph know their way around Bach. But not only that: they also know how to explain things until the penny falls and makes it "Ah! In their programme "Wissen macht Ah!" they regularly follow the great and small secrets of the world. When they do this live and in colour on the Ingelheim concert stage, everything revolves around Bach, his life and the question: "Why is his music still so famous even after 300 years? Shary and Ralph have plenty of musical answers!