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Concert Spring Ingelheim

Hans Sigl, recitation | Helmut Deutsch, piano

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Hans Sigl und Helmut Deutsch © Susanne Sigl


Hans Sigl recitation
Helmut Deutsch piano


Robert Schumann „Beautiful Hedwig“ op. 106,  „Ballad of the Haideknaben“ op. 122,1
Franz Schubert „Farewell to Earth“ D 829
Franz Liszt „The sad monk“ S 348
Richard Strauss „Das Schloss am Meere“
Max von Schillings „The castle by the sea“ op. 15
Anton Stepanowitsch Arenski „We used to be so beautiful, so fresh were the roses“ op. 68,1

Programme booklet (PDF)


Symbiosis of spoken word and music

Actors are jealous of musicians, says Hans Sigl. Music has played an important role in his life since his youth. And Sigl is convinced: "Singers have the opportunity to have a completely different effect on people, to touch them, as actors". An understatement! Sigl himself proves that the spoken word can be trusted much more than he allows it to be. Melodrama gives him the best opportunity to do so. Together with the sought-after song accompanist Helmut Deutsch, he advocates this special form of poetry interpretation with works by some of the most important Romantic composers: "Although it takes place in these romantic worlds, it deals with many great and sometimes also hard themes of being human," Sigl knows and is convinced: "This longing is getting bigger and bigger especially in our hectic times and fires the imagination".