LOTTO-Förderpreis of the Rheingau Musik Festival

15,000 Euros for Stathis Karapanos

von links: Christoph Eschenbach, Franziska Reichenbacher, Stathis Karapanos, Dr. Heinz-Georg Sundermann, Michael Herrmann © RMF /Ansgar Klostermann

The Greek flutist Stathis Karapanos was awarded the LOTTO prize of the Rheingau Music Festival during the prizewinner's concert. The prize donated by LOTTO Hessen GmbH, with prize money of 15,000 euros, is one of the highest endowed prizes for young artists in Germany and was awarded for the 11th time this year.

The flutist received the sculpture and the prize money from LOTTO fairy Franziska Reichenbacher, managing director of LOTTO Hessen Dr. Heinz-Georg Sundermann and festival director Michael Herrmann.

"Those who are already at the top are usually overwhelmed with awards. LOTTO Hessen, however, expressly wants to award special young talents in order to make their way to the top easier," is how Dr. Heinz-Georg Sundermann, Managing Director of LOTTO Hessen, describes the intention behind the award.

The jury of the LOTTO Prize consists of the conductor and pianist Christoph Eschenbach, currently General Music Director of the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington D.C. and from the 2019/20 season Chief Conductor of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, the artistic director and managing director of the Rheingau Music Festival, Michael Herrmann, Dr. Heinz-Georg Sundermann of LOTTO Hessen and the programme staff of the Rheingau Music Festival.

Just five years old, Stathis Karapanos shared his experiences with his astonished parents: He will learn to play the flute and become a recognized soloist. His childlike determination has paid off, as the 22-year-old Greek has earned himself a considerable place in contemporary musical life. One of the happiest moments of his young career was Karapanos' meeting with Christoph Eschenbach, who has been not only an important mentor but also a chamber music partner for him ever since. In a program that baths in timbres and does not neglect virtuosity, it becomes clear how the experience of an impressive artist's life continues to work.

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Jury's assessment

Stathis Karapanos draws from a pool of deep and sovereign musicality. In his playing he interprets the music down to the smallest detail, which is deeply touching. In addition, he has a multi-faceted sound quality that transmits the breath with which he fills the music directly to his audience. Stathis Karapanos is not only an excellent flutist, but already a master of his instrument.

Auszug aus der Jurybegründung

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