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Rheingau Literaturr Prize

Ingo Schulze was selected for his novel "Peter Holtz. His happy life tells him about himself. "At Schwarzenstein Castle in Geisenheim-Johannisberg with the Rheingau Literary Prize 2017 awarded. Michael Herrmann (Director and Managing Director of the Rheingau Music Festival), Prof. Dr. Heiner Boehncke (Artistic Director of the Rheingau Literature Festival), Dr. Ulrich Adolph (Hessian Ministry of Science and Art), Ernst-Udo Grossmann (owner of the Relais + Châteaux Hotel Burg Schwarzenstein and main sponsor of the Rheingau Literature Festival) and Claus Wisser (Chairman of the Board of the Rheingau Musik Festival e.V.). The media partner of the Rheingau Literature Festival is hr2-kultur.

Rheingau Literature Prize 2017 to Ingo Schulze

Jury's assessment

Schulze is one of the freelance writers who, in the post-war period, found their own voice of remembrance, counter-speech, and self-assertion under the new conditions. He writes with cool eyes for the comics and absurdities of human existence. He reports with impressive accuracy and in different manners predominantly from ordinary people, so that each one of them seems to go a special way. With Peter Holtz, the stubbornly simple-minded hero of his new novel, he sends a rogue to the East and West Passages, through changing times, through the ideology of the country.

Rheingau Literature Prize

The Rheingau Literature Prize is endowed with 11,111 euros and 111 bottles of best Rheingau Riesling and honors outstanding German-language prose of the last twelve months. The award, initiated by the Rheingau Literature Festival, was awarded this year for the twenty-fourth time. The original money prize of 10,000 Euro are donated in equal parts by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts and by the Rheingau Musik Festival e.V. The main sponsor of the Rheingau Literature Festival, Relais + Châteaux Hotel Burg Schwarzenstein, will raise the sum by EUR 1,111. The VDP Rheingau, the Association of German Prädikatsweingüter Rheingau, provides 111 bottles of the best Rheingau wines.

The Jury

  • Prof. Dr. Heiner Boehncke
    Artistic director of the Rheingau literature festival, publicist and literary scientist
  • Dr. Alf Mentzer
    Literary editor hr2-kultur

  • Dr. Viola Bolduan
    head of feuilleton by Wiesbadener Kurier

  • Andreas Platthaus
    head of literature by F.A.Z.

  • Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schoeller
    publicist and literary scientist

The previous laureates

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Peter Stamm, „Agnes“ und „Blitzeis“ (2000)
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Robert Gernhardt, „Im Glück und anderswo“ (2002)
Reinhard Jirgl, „Die Unvollendeten“ (2003)
Ralf Rothmann, „Junges Licht“ (2004)
Gert Loschütz, „Dunkle Gesellschaft“ (2005)
Clemens Meyer, „Als wir träumten“ (2006)
Antje Rávic Strubel, „Kältere Schichten der Luft“ (2007)
Ursula Krechel, „Shanghai fern von wo“ (2008)
Christoph Peters, „Mitsukos Restaurant“ (2009)
Jochen Schimmang, „Das Beste, was wir hatten“ (2010)
Josef Haslinger, „Jáchymov” (2011)
Sten Nadolny, „Weitlings Sommerfrische“ (2012)
Ralph Dutli, „Soutines letzte Fahrt“ (2013)
Stephanie Bart, „Deutscher Meister“ (2014)
Klaus Modick, „Konzert ohne Dichter“ (2015)
Saša Stanišić, "Fallensteller" (2016)