Terms & Conditions (GBC)

The General Business Conditions (GBCs) as detailed below are the basis and an integral part of any contractual agreement between the Rheingau Musik Festival Konzertgesellschaft mbH or any enterprise of the Rheingau Musik Festival Group (in the following briefly referred to as "RMF" or "promoter") and the client.

Ticket booking / sale

Upon booking tickets with the RMF, the client accepts the promoter's GBCs.
The scope of the contractual obligations is determined exclusively by the RMF's offer and/or confirmation of order and/or by the details included in the confirmation of contract as well as by the GBCs. Within the scope of the object of the contract, RMF determines, and is responsible for, how the contract is implemented. The client has no authority to issue directives; the Rheingau Musik Festival, however, shall always try to satisfy the client's wishes.
All ticket prices are subject to a system fee of 1.80 euros per card. For each order there is a service charge of 2.90 euros.
All announcements on the internet, in the media, and in brochures are merely invitations to the client to submit an offer. Contracts between RMF and the client, as a rule, come into being only if expressly accepted by RMF. Supplementary agreements modifying the scope of contractual performances require express confirmation.
Prices are final prices and exclude postage fees. The client commits himself to pay the total amount of the bill within the period allowed for payment as specified on the invoice. Delivery of tickets shall be after receipt of payment, the general criterion being the date of receipt. After expiration of the period allowed for payment RMF is entitled to recede from the contract and to return tickets to the open market.
Subsequent modifications of an order as well as ticket return and exchange shall be excluded, even when bookings are only partially fulfilled.
Upon receipt of ticket, the ticket imprints (performance, price category, date, time) must be checked immediately since mistakes cannot be rectified later.
Remaining tickets shall be on sale at the box office one hour prior to beginning of event. Reserved tickets must be picked up no later than half an hour prior to beginning of event.
For all events, the version of the Corona Protection Ordinance and the existing hygiene concept in force on the day of the event shall apply. For all winery events, the existing hygiene concepts at the time of the concert apply. For your booking this means that, depending on the infection situation, people from other households may be seated at your table.

Changes of ensemble and program, relocation and cancellation of events, obstruction of view

Changes of ensemble and program do not justify a rescission from the contract, a return of tickets, or a reduction of the purchase price.In case of general cancellation of an event the promoter will refund the purchase price (without box office fees) within two months after the date of the event upon presentation of the ticket.If an event in progress must be discontinued, compensation cannot be provided.The promoter reserves the right to postpone the beginning of a performance in case of bad weather conditions.Ticket holders with seats of the lower price categories must be prepared for the fact that, especially in churches, the view may in part be greatly, and in some cases completely obstructed. This does not entitle the purchaser to a price reduction or to compensation or to a withdrawal from the contract.

open air events

The RMF reserves the right to postpone the start of the performance due to weather-related reasons.
If open-air events have to be installed in a hall, the seating plans can not be matched with regard to the quality of the individual seating position.
For some events additional so-called "Schönwetterkarten" are issued. They lose their validity when the event is moved to a room. Upon presentation of this card, the customer is refunded by the RMF the purchase price paid (without system fee).

In case of uncertain weather, the customer can find out at www.rheingau-musik-festival.de whether and where the event takes place. In addition, the customer has the possibility to use the RMF service "SMS Rain Warning". For this purpose, the customer can enter his mobile phone number (entry field at the bottom of the respective event at the bottom of the event) at least seven hours before the start of the event, in order to be informed of changes in the course of the program or the venue of the events.

Late admittance, visual and/or audio recording

After the performance has commenced, the seat indicated on the ticket can no longer be claimed. Late admittance can only be granted during an intermission. There will be no late admittance to performances without intermission.

Tickets are no longer valid if the purchaser leaves the event premises.

Sound, photo, film and video recordings made before, during or after the performance, including for private use, are prohibited. The promoter is entitled to confiscate and delete, if technically possible, any such recording.

In the event of visual or sound recordings being made, during a performance, by persons authorized to do so, the visitor, by purchasing a ticket, consents to possibly being recorded by word and/or image and waives any claim to compensation for the publication or exploitation of such recordings.

If during a performance visual or sound recordings are made by persons authorized to do so, the visitor, by purchasing a ticket, consents to possibly being recorded by word and/or image and to the publication and exploitation of such recordings without any claim to compensation.


It is not allowed to bring animals to the event premises.

Bringing luggage or bags larger than DIN A4 is not permitted.

Prior to the beginning of a concert, signaling functions of electronic watches and mobile telephones must be turned off. Instructions of the personnel appointed by the promoter must be observed at all times.

Some of the festival's event locations have very limited parking possibilities. It is advisable to consider this fact when planning to come. Long walks cannot be excluded.

Client claims for damages against RMF based on criminal offences, violation of contract or culpa in contrahendo shall be excluded unless the damage was caused at least by gross negligence. RMF is liable only when and if such damage was foreseeable at the time of the incident or of contract conclusion, considering all known or negligently unknown circumstances.

The client makes use of the RMF's services basically at his/her own risk. Claims against sponsors of RMF shall be generally excluded. Sponsors bear no responsibility for the organization and execution of the sponsored event and are not liable to third parties, namely the visitors and suppliers of the sponsored event. Clients shall assert any claims solely against RMF.

Any controversial matter is exclusively subject to German law. Place of performance and jurisdiction for any claim based on this contract is Oestrich-Winkel. The client may sue RMF only at the corporation's seat.

Should one or more provisions of these General Business Conditions be or become null and void in whole or in part, the validity of all other provisions remains unaffected.