Hessische Staatsweingüter, Domäne Steinberg, Eltville am Rhein

Domäne Steinberg © Kloster Eberbach


The Steinberg is wholly owned by the Hessian State Wineries Eberbach Monastery. It was originally founded by Cistercian monks from this monastery, and with about 34 hectares of vines under cultivation is the largest contiguous winegrowing property in the Rheingau. As protection against grape thieves and wild animals, the monks erected a wall around their favourite vineyard, up to four metres high and 3.8 kilometres long. Nowadays, the wall no longer protects the grapes from prospective thieves, but against the flows of cold air from the nearby wood. This "fortification" also creates a unique microclimate, which lends the Steinberger wines their distinctive character.


  • Parking spaces are available along the road from Eberbach Monastery towards Hattenheim, which on the day of the event is signposted as a one-way street, so that cars can park on one side of it.
  • Visitors should expect a walk of several minutes, and allow sufficient time for their journey.
  • The shuttle service specifically organised for the events of the Rheingau Musik Festival definitely offers an attractively affordable alternative to arriving in your own car.


  • The Domäne Steinberg is situated 300 meters from the monastery Eberbach direction Hattenheim. You can take the Bernhardus path.


  • Bus line 172 - bus stop Eltville (Rhein)-Hattenheim, Kloster Eberbach