Kloster Eberbach, Eltville am Rhein - Laiendormitorium

Laiendormitorium Kloster Eberbach © RMF / Ansgar Klostermann
Laiendormitorium Kloster Eberbach © Ansgar Klostermann
Chanticleer im Laiendormitorium © RMF/Ansgar Klostermann
Laiendormitorium Kloster Eberbach, Alehouse Session © RMF/Ansgar Klostermann
Laiendormitorium Kloster Eberbach, Aleshouse Session © RMF/Ansgar Klostermann


The twin-nave hall comprises 13 groin-vaulted double spans, resting on simple stout columns. The elegantly rhythmic configuration of vaults, columns and transverse arches gives the dormitory a dignified solemnity that in this form is unrivalled. With the Laypersons’ Dormitory and other unique Romanesque backdrops, the monastery has become the most popular venue for the Rheingau’s concert audiences.


  • On the grounds of the monastery itself and in its immediate vicinity the parking options are rather limited.
  • So the visitors should use the shuttle service specifically organised for the events of the Rheingau Musik Festival.
  • Parking spaces are available along the road from Eberbach Monastery towards Hattenheim, which on the day of the event is signposted as a one-way street, so that cars can park on one side of it.
  • Visitors should expect for a walk of several minutes, and allow sufficient time for their journey.


  • For all events, special buses from Wiesbaden are deployed, which take visitors to the gates of the monastery, and can be used by showing the concert ticket.
  • Departures are 70 and 60 minutes before the concert begins, at Wiesbaden Main Station (Bus Platform D), though you can also board the bus at the Platz der Deutschen Einheit (Platform B) and at the Kahlemühle P+R car park (Wiesbaden-Dotzheim).
  • You will reach the Kahlemühle P+R car park when you take the Wiesbaden-Schierstein exit from the A66 towards Wiesbaden and then the first exit, which is “Wiesbaden-Dotzheim”. You come to some traffic lights, and directly opposite you will see the car park under the bridge piers. If you’re coming from Wiesbaden, drive out of the city towards the A66, Schierstein entrance. But don’t drive onto the Dotzheimer Bridge, follow the sign to Dotzheim, and on your left you will immediately see the car park under the piers of the bridge.
  • If you do want to drive to the monastery in your own car, then for major events the parking service will divert you to the Eichberg car park, from where before the concert a minibus shuttle will take visitors to the monastery grounds at regular intervals. Due to the one-way-street system, it is not possible to take visitors back after the concert.


From the Rhine-Main area:

  • Take A66 / B42 and follow the signs to Rüdesheim am Rhein
  • At B42 take the exit Kiedrich
  • Follow the signs to "Kloster Eberbach"

Arriving from the Rhine valley:

  • At B42 follow the signs to Wiesbaden
  • B42 take the exit Kiedrich
  • Follow the signs to "Kloster Eberbach"

Bus journeys:

  • Buses can arrive only via the exit Kiedrich.
  • Please follow the instructions of the local parking service.


  • Bus stop Eltville (Rhein)-Hattenheim, Kloster Eberbach

Additional Information

Please note...

  • that information about the course of the event and the gastronomic offer will be communicated continuously on all channels of the festival.