Schlachthof Wiesbaden

© Frank Meißner


Each year, 250,000 guests visit the 450 events of the socio-cultural center, which has received several awards for its cultural work. The slaughterhouse includes the HALLE (2,400 guests) and the KESSELHAUS (300 guests) in the historic water tower renovated in 2015. The slaughterhouse also hosts open air concerts for up to 10,000 guests in the Kulturpark surrounding the abattoir.

The park also hosts many other events of the "Culture in the Park" initiative and the slaughterhouse.   In addition to well-known international artists, the program also devotes itself to small and innovative music projects outside the mainstream, which reflect the broad diversity and diversity of society.  

The concept of the slaughterhouse explicitly includes emancipatory, participatory and anti-discriminatory values, which is why it works closely with many initiatives, associations, cultural initiatives and local partners.   The slaughterhouse is run by a meanwhile 40-headed core team and receives its collective organization form since its foundation. In addition to the events, the center also includes 30 rehearsal rooms for bands, artists and ateliers.