Weingut Fritz Allendorf, Oestrich-Winkel

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If you want to trace the roots of the family, you need to go back a long way: it's in 1292 that we first find mention of "Kraft von Allendorf", whose burial place can be admired today in the Basilica of the Eberbach Monastery. The wine story began when Philipp Anton Allendorf laid the foundation for the winery in 1773 which has been family-run ever since. More than 200 years passed before you could actually talk about the "Weingut Allendorf" (Allendorf Wine Estate).
The family moved from the small manor house in Winkel's main street into the heart of the vineyards, laying the foundation for the "Georgshof", which is named after Uli’s and Christel’s grandfather. Georg Allendorf had presided over the Frankfurt City agricultural holdings and the city’s wine estate located in Hochheim. At the same time, he also continued the family tradition at the wine estate in Winkel.
Today the Fritz Allendorf wine estate cultivates around 75 hectares making it the largest family-run winery in the Rheingau; it also exports its wines all over the world. However, the wine estate has remained a family business in the best sense of the word – everyone knows they can count on each other and employees fast become family. There’s a great sense of togetherness and a positive working atmosphere. Around 100 employees have worked on the estate over the last 50 years, excluding temporary workers and grape pickers. To date, the estate has trained more than 80 vintners, trainees, masters and technicians. The intensive co-operation becomes apparent when you are invited for lunch: You'll find four generations sitting around a large table, three of which at least are discussing, planning, organising and taking decisions. The youngest one, Max’s and Lena's little daughter Ida-Maria, certainly has to wait a few more years until her opinion will count.


  • There is a large car park at the end of Kirchstrasse (signposted).


  • Take A66 in direction Rüdesheim
  • Then change to the B42 in direction Rüdesheim
  • Take the second exit towards Winkel
  • Then follow the sign to „Schloss Vollrads“ and the green sign „Fritz Allendorf“ or „Georgshof“


  • Bus line 171 in direction Rheinhalle Süd - Rüdesheim am Rhein
  • Bus stop: Schwarzgasse, Oestrich-Winkel