Weingut Wasem, Ingelheim am Rhein

Weingut Wasem © Rüdiger Mosler


At Ingelheimer Grund the beginnings of viticulture date back to the first millennium. Since only particularly favored sites and soils are suitable for viticulture, it was a privilege from the very beginning to cultivate vines and produce wines. The Wasem family devoted itself to viticulture early on, first documented in 1726. In the 17th century, the buildings that the winery cultivates in Ober-Ingelheim were the residence of the noble family Ritter Hundt von Saulheim and his wife Anna Katharina, née von Rodenstein. The coat of arms of both families, carved in stone and bearing the date 1614, still adorns the Rodensteiner Hof today. The foundation stone for the farm in its present modern form was laid in 1912 by Julius Wasem. He set up the winery in the old noble residence in Edelgasse and set an example for Ingelheim as the first producer to bottle and market his wines himself.

The passion was passed on to the sons, generation after generation. It was not just a matter of maintaining and developing an economically sound business, the commitment always went a bit further than pure necessity would have demanded. Always driven by a special feeling for wine.


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  • Bus lines 75, 640, 643 - bus stop: Ober-Ingelheim Marktplatz
  • Walking distance: 23 minutes
  • Out of the RMV area

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