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Advance ticket booking

Rheingau Musik Festival Servicegesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
P.O. Box 1125
65367 Oestrich-Winkel

Markt 14
65375 Oestrich-Winkel

Ticket and information hotline:
0 67 23 / 60 21 70
(Monday to Friday between 9.30 an 5.00)

Advance ticket booking:
Rheingau Musik Festival Servicegesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

Kartenvorverkauf TRM-Tickets für Rhein-Main GmbH represented by the managing director Michael Herrmann and Ansgar Klostermann.

Further ticket offices:

Tourist Information Wiesbaden
Marktplatz 1, 65183 Wiesbaden
+49 (0) 611 / 1729 - 930
(direct sales plus advance booking fee)

TicketBox Wiesbaden
Galeria Kaufhof, Kirchgasse 28, 65185 Wiesbaden
+49 (0) 611 / 30 48 08 or +49 (0) 611 / 37 64 44
(direct sales plus advance booking fee)

Ticket purchases

Tickets can be ordered in writing, by phone or via this website. We will send you an invoice according to your order. By settling the invoice within the payment goal, you accept our offer. The tickets will be shipped after receipt of payment.
All prices are subject to a system fee of 1.80 Euro per card. Remaining cards are available for sale one hour before the start of the event. Unpaid tickets must be collected no later than half an hour before the start of the event. There is no claim to withdraw or exchange cards.

Discount Tickets

For pupils, students, trainees and apprentices, members of the civilian service (conscientious objectors), and conscripted soldiers (each until 27th birthday only) as well as for unemployed persons, tickets are available on presentation of the appropriate proof and subject to availability tickets to 50% discount in advance and at the box office. Tickets are only valid in combination with the respective ID or proof document. There are no discounts for the children's and cushion concerts, the concerts with gala dinner, the Steinberger Tafelrunde.


As the owner of the LOTTO card, the LOTTO Hessen customer card, you will benefit from the new price reductions at the Rheingau Music Festival: from the day of the event, the ticket office of Rheingau Musikfestival Servicegesellschaft will be available at +49 (0) 67 23/60 21 70 20% discount tickets. (The offer is limited to up to six tickets per person per concert and the concert is not valid for the Gala concerts and the Steinberg Round Table).

A note to members of the Rheingau Musik Festival e.V.

Thanks to the growing number of members, concerts may sell out even during the exclusive early-bird purchase period for members, so please don’t forget to indicate alternative ticket requests. Please also note that for this reason, orders may be limited to two tickets for selected concerts.

Ticket refunds

Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged, even if orders were only partially fulfilled. Changes of cast or program do not justify a ticket refund. Only in the case of a complete cancellation of a performance, tickets will be refunded within a period of two months against presentation of the tickets at the advance booking service. There will be no refunds or exchange of tickets for aborted performances.

General information

Please note that venues of the Rheingau Music Festival may differ from common concert halls in terms of acoustics, temperature and construction. Be aware that especially in churches views may be obstructed significantly in sections of lower ticket price categories.
At all concerts, wine of the region Rheingau is served before the performance and during intermissions. At Kloster Eberbach snacks can be purchased starting an hour before the concert.