The "Berlin Compliance Model" provides clarity in dealing with hospitality regulations

Kultursponsoring is an essential and sustainable instrument of entrepreneurial cultural promotion, which serves customer loyalty and image transfer, while at the same time underlining social responsibility. Due to complex compliance requirements, more and more companies are afraid to choose this attractive and diverse form of corporate communication.

In this context, the so-called "Berlin Compliance Model" serves as a sponsor and a sponsored institution as a guide for a transparent and simplified sponsoring practice, which provides all parties with legal and planning security.

It was developed on the basis of our initiative together with representatives of the culture circle of the German economy with the addition of lawyers, ministerial dignitaries, company and association representatives as well as compliance experts.

The Berlin Compliance Model is designed to help de-bureaucratization so that cultural sponsoring can remain an effective part of civic engagement and entrepreneurial responsibility for cultural life in Germany.

This model will soon be included in the commentary on the revised version of the German Corporate Governance Code. The complete "Berlin Compliance Model" can be found below.

The Berlin Compliance Model at a glance

All-in-all accepted acceptance of the invitation if the following conditions are met:

  • No close connection with a transaction or other specific business decision
  • The total value of an invitation per invited person is approximately 100 euros; With a companion at about 200 euros. This amount can also be higher depending on location and economic strength.
  • The invitation is transparent (inclusion of management and compliance officers)
  • The invited person is not an official, but a company representative in a higher position (social adequacy)

The Berlin Compliance Model